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One Express Spa, a pallet freight forwarding company operating through a network of 110 affiliated transportation companies, has sold a minority stake in its capital to 20 of the affiliated companies in its network.

OneExpress was assisted in the transaction by K Finance as financial advisor and Studio Legale Giorgi of Bologna as legal advisor.

This business model allows small and medium-sized operators, through affiliation with the One Express network, to be able to expand their range of services from local transport to national and international transport The company has an important growth project both nationally and internationally, and this transaction, involving the entry of 20 network affiliates into the company's capital, is intended to strengthen the company's social company and give further impetus to the expansion process that One Express has always pursued since its inception.

The transaction in a nutshell

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This transaction aims to strengthen the social company and further boost the expansion process that One Express has been pursuing since its inception

One Express
November 2016
One Express Spa has sold a minority stake in its capital to 20 of its network affiliates
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The company

OneExpress, founded in 2007 on the initiative of 6 founding partners, has grown rapidly over the years, becoming the leading pallet shipping network in Italy, with 50 million in sales and about 1.5 million pallets shipped per year. The company's business is to manage the 110 affiliates distributed throughout the country through the 4 HUBs of Bologna, Milan, Rome, and Naples: each affiliate has an exclusive area of competence to sell the One Express service (departures to the HUBs from the affiliate's warehouse) and to distribute (departures from the HUBs to the affiliate's warehouse) the goods of all the other affiliates for its area of competence.