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Openjobmetis S.p.A. has acquired 100 % of the capital of Coverclip S.r.l. from United Ventures and other shareholders.

Openjobmetis was assisted by financial advisor K Finance (Clairfield Italy), in the persons of CEO Filippo Guicciardi and Senior Analyst Paola Quadri. The law firm AvvocatidiImpresa, with Alberto Calvi di Coenzo and Rosanna Frischetto, and the law firm Studio Luisetti & Sterchele e c. srl., in the person of Paolo Sterchele, handled the legal and tax aspects of the Transaction, respectively. The company's technological due diligence was carried out by Engineering.

This transaction comes as part of the activities of Open Innovation, the newly established unit of Openjobmetis presented at the Star Conference of Borsa Italiana last March and launched in collaboration with "Mind the Bridge," with the aim of increasing the innovation of internal processes. The collaboration between Openjobmetis and Mind the Bridge - an organization that provides innovation consulting services for companies and startups - began in 2016 with the first Innovation Boot Camp and continued with the formalization of the aforementioned Open Innovation structure. Mind the Bridge provided valuable help in the acquisition of Meritocracy, with the management of initial contacts in 2016 and continued throughout the due diligence phase.

The transaction in a nutshell

2018 06 Tombstone Openjobmetis Meritocracy

This operation was created as part of the Open Innovation activity with the aim of increasing internal process innovation.

June 2018
Openjobmetis S.p.A. has acquired 100 % of the capital of Coverclip S.r.l.
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The company

Openjobmetis S.p.A. a company listed on the Stock Market - STAR segment - managed by Borsa Italiana.

Coverclip S.r.l. is an innovative start-up that owns "Meritocracy" a platform specializing in personnel selection, particularly for digital professions, through advanced systems for matching the professional figures sought. The company, established in 2013 by Riccardo Galli and Alberto Manassero, was financed in its first four years by a number of venture capital funds including United Ventures One S.p.A., Mind The Seed Fund LLC and Statwolf Ltd. which held 67.76 percent of the company's capital at the closing date.