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Aksia Group sgr, through Aksia V, acquired a controlling stake (65%) in VOMM, an Italian leading Group in the production of processes industrial plants in the environmental, chemical-pharmaceutical and food sectors. Corrado Vezzani (the founder’s son), in addition to maintaining a minority stake through the family holding company Ambiente e Nutrizione, will continue to manage the Company by maintaining the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and committing himself to supporting the Company’s growth plan.

VOMM’s shareholders were assisted by Equita K Finance (Clairfield Italy), sell-side advisor for M&A, by Studio Bertolli & Associati for the fiscal aspects, by the law firm Pedersoli Studio Legale and by KPMG for the financials. Aksia was assisted by EY Advisory for the financial aspects, by EY-Parthenon for the business due diligence, by the law firm Giliberti Triscornia e Associati, by Russo De Rosa Associati for tax due diligence and by EY Debt Advisory for the financing structuring.

The transaction in a nutshell

2020 09 Tombstone Aksia VOMM

VOMM Impianti e Processi, a leading manufacturer of industrial process equipment for the environmental, chemical-pharmaceutical and agribusiness sectors

September 2020
Aksia Group sgr, through Aksia V, acquired a controlling stake (65%) in VOMM
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The company

Established in 1968 by Pompeo Vezzani, VOMM is ultimately controlled by the family’s holding Ambiente e Nutrizione which owns: VOMM Impianti e Processi, active in providing engineering and construction services based on patented VOMM Turbo technology, and VOMM Service, active in set-up and after-sales services. Supported by Aksia, the Group will pursue its path of growth developing new markets (like China and the USA) and the use of its own technology in other industries. VOMM Group in 2019 registered a turnover of about Euro 35 million and an Ebitda of Euro 10 million.

Aksia Group is a company active in the management of funds investing in small and medium size companies, mostly Italian, through Leveraged Buy-out. VOMM is the third investment of the fund (Aksia V), launched in 2019 and for which Aksia has collected Euro 200 million.