Corporate Transactions (IR)

EQUITA increases to 100% its stake in EQUITA K Finance

  • The transaction will strengthen the partnership among managers

  • Incorporation of EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory

Milan, 23 May 2024

EQUITA, the leading independent Italian investment bank, announces the closing of the acquisition of the minority stake of EQUITA K Finance S.r.l. and its rebranding to EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory.

Today, EQUITA Group S.p.A. (“EQUITA Group”) increased to 100% its participation in EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory and partially exercised the authorisation to increase its share capital against consideration and excluding pre-emptive rights, the latter granted to the Board of Directors by the Shareholders’ Meeting on 20 April 2023. No. 991,734 ordinary shares were issued as portion of the total consideration for the transaction and entitled to the sellers of the minority stake of EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory. Following the exercise of the authorisation, the share capital of EQUITA Group increased to €11,919,586.74, represented by no. 52,385,046 ordinary shares (of which no. 2,673,262 treasury shares).

Following the capital increase, newly issued shares entitled to Giuseppe Renato Grasso and Filippo Guicciardi, co-founders and Co-CEOs of EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory, will further strengthen the partnership among managers by entering – together with the other shares already owned by the two managers since 2020 – into the Shareholders’ Agreement, the pact which has been signed by more than 30 managers of the Group, representing 35% of the share capital and 48% of voting rights.

Documentation related to the transaction, including the one related to the capital increase, is available to the public on (Investor Relations section) and on the eMarket Storage mechanism


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